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Friday, July 4, 2014

Growkit Giveaway

Magic Mushroom growkit giveaway July 2014
We've created a monster!

Bringing 17,000 Shroom Lovers together on our Facebook Page seems like a good reason to celebrate with a Magic Mushroom Growkit Giveaway, doesn't it?

Anyone interested in documenting the experience of growing their own Magic Mushrooms at home has a chance to win an all in one Growkit of their choice, courtesy of ShayanaShop, so just let us know why we should choose you...then get your cameras and your GoPros ready!!


  1. Hi folks, it would be my pleasure to document me growing any kind of mushrooms for ur shop, it's been a while since ive indulged in high powered blotters/mushy's so it would be a great experience for me as i loved the feeling from strong psilocybin, nothing beats it, and unfortunately for myself i cant get blotters or mushrooms anymore so if u were to send me a free kit, it would not be a waste, and id document every part of the growing stage with you..... So pritty pritty please, with a mushy on top!

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  3. The techniques used by experts vary and will depend on the type of variant the customers would like to obtain. best grow tent

  4. can you give me some link or document about Mushroom Grow kit to i refer. Thanks

  5. Thanks for such post. But I also want to grow mushroom, so kindly please provide some reference link

  6. Thanks for such an awesome post about the grow kit!

  7. That is such a big mushroom! :O

    An effective guide on growing mushrooms could have helped a lot.

    Still, keep up with your good work.

  8. I'd love to grow it in my backyard. If you're kind enough please provide me some reference.
    BTW thanks for such post.

  9. It is awesome we can use something simple to see it grow.

  10. Hi,
    I'm interested to participate in growkit giveaway!