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Friday, July 4, 2014

Growkit Giveaway

Magic Mushroom growkit giveaway July 2014
We've created a monster!

Bringing 17,000 Shroom Lovers together on our Facebook Page seems like a good reason to celebrate with a Magic Mushroom Growkit Giveaway, doesn't it?

Anyone interested in documenting the experience of growing their own Magic Mushrooms at home has a chance to win an all in one Growkit of their choice, courtesy of, so just let us know why we should choose you...then get your cameras and your GoPros ready!!


  1. Hi folks, it would be my pleasure to document me growing any kind of mushrooms for ur shop, it's been a while since ive indulged in high powered blotters/mushy's so it would be a great experience for me as i loved the feeling from strong psilocybin, nothing beats it, and unfortunately for myself i cant get blotters or mushrooms anymore so if u were to send me a free kit, it would not be a waste, and id document every part of the growing stage with you..... So pritty pritty please, with a mushy on top!

  2. I need a kit I'm disabled I suffer from reflex sympathetic dystrophy & regional pain syndrome please send it to me 3151 south-valley road south side Alabama 35907 thanks
    Joe chambers

  3. ILL GLADLY DOCUMENT GROWING MAGIC MUSHROOMS, BUT YOU DON'T SHIP TO THE USA I ASSUME THAT IS FOR THE GIVEAWAY ALSO, BUT i AM a CHOCTAW INDIAN OR NATIVE AMERICAN IF YOU PREFER SO I am not bound by the Laws of The Pew SA with Pew I was trying to say the Stinking Ass hat Laws of This once Great Nation, The USA was a good Notion for a Nation But We Have Gone Easily 50 Years Past Where Thomas Jefferson Said It Would Be Best To Tear It All Down And Start Over With a Revolution, a Little Revolution Is Good For Any Growing Nation, If I Was Allowed To Reformat Global Politics I would 1st Put Every World Leader In a Time Out, 1st We Bring Them All Together, He He For Peace Talks, then We Lock Them In, and they either Get Along or Kill Each Other, either would be great for the Global Population as a Whole, yes I understand me posting this is Reason Enough for all those Spastic Ass hats to refuse to ever go to a Global Summit, but if the people of the world would work together it could easily still happen with all today's Internet Technology they could all be in a Global Gathering with a Virtual Presence, and it would just take their Security Staff of every World Leader being on board with giving them a tiny bit of what they do to everyone Daily, once their staff has them Isolated where they have a Toilet and the ability to get food in to keep them able to put something other than the totally unholy amounts of Bullshit all world leaders are slinging at each other 24/7 and slip a specially made nano bot into their meals, have it designed to be an internal Shock Therapy, but not controlled by their people but every other world leader, once all of them had the Bot that is when they isolate them, if no nano bot a Hat that is designed to work with a But Plug or some other type of attachment that neither can be removed without unholy pain being induced which increases every 8 seconds they violate the rules of the summit which include wearing the hat and lets say belt, since we all know only about 3/4 of them are into that BS LOL, anyway when the world leaders mistreat any of the other world leaders they get a shock along with the one who provoked the mistreatment, as long as they all act like adults from the start nobody will even feel a shock as if you touched your tongue to a fresh 9 volt battery, anyway give them 10 days of quiet time which will double every time one of them acts up, if they don't suffer for them being shitty to each other then there is never any hope for world peace since only their citizens, subjects, peons suffer for their shitty actions until the offending parties and all world leaders no matter how good they are all must suffer for the shitty actions of any world leader, the 1st thing we must teach them all is they are not Rulers even if they are in their Country, they are there to Govern not Rule, once they all accept they are in power to Govern over their part of the Global Populations, and not Rule over them then the actual peace talks can begin, and I will also add I will gladly volunteer to take part in the punishments I have suggested for all those ass hat world Leaders, if that is what it takes to get them all to act right like Adults not like they presently do acting like 3 year old petulant children throwing Fits with their peoples lives being all that their Fits cost, also every one of them will have to face judgement by the children parents that their shitty actions have murdered since the world leaders are supposed to be responsible adults it is way beyond time they all take responsibility for their actions and Face Judgement from the masses they F over with the squiggle of a pen or their SCREWING fingerprint on a tablet these days, come on people of Earth Rise Up and Force the Global Farce for Governments to Act Right and treat everyone on the planet right, Until they can act Properly they would cause all of the Governing ass hats to be confined to Fing themselves and nobody else over.

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  4. Hi there i am in South Africa i eant stater kit magic mushrooms please mail me at Thanks

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