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Monday, March 31, 2014

Difference between Psilocybe Cubensis and Psilocybe Tampanensis Magic Truffles

So what exactly are Mexican magic mushrooms and what are those philosophers stones? First of all the Mexican is just the common name for the specimen Psilocybe Cubensis, because its botanical name is somewhat less handy. The same is done with Psilocybe Tampanensis, known as philosopher’s stone. Additional you might have seen different names with the same botanical name. For example, Thai magic mushrooms, Mexican magic mushrooms, the McKenna and so on, but all are Psilocybe Cubensis. Is it just a trick to make you think they are different? No it is not, we will get back to that later. Now let´s take a look at Psilocybe Cubensis in detail and then at Psilocybe Tampanensis.

What is Psilocybe Cubensis – The History

The Psilocybe Cubensis has its roots in Africa. It must have been developed by nature in this continent. Later this hallucinogenic mushroom started to spread around the globe. However, the exact way how Psilocybe Cubensis went all around the globe is unknown. It only can be estimated how and why it traveled so far. Scientists believe that this psilocybin mushroom started to spread with human beings. We all have our roots in Africa too. And we never move without taking our comfort with us. Or would you move into a new home without your video console, TV and what not? Of course you wouldn´t and so these early people also took their animals, seeds from plants and much other things with them. A lot of animals can digest plants, mushrooms and other things, which we could never digest. Because of that some animals can also eat psychedelic mushrooms without getting any effect from it. The humans begun to move into the north and so started to colonize what we know today as Asia and Europe.

dried Psilocybe Cubensis hallucinogenic shrooms -  2014
As weird as this may sound like, it was the animals that kept the magic mushroom spores of Psilocybe Cubensis in their dung. Humans were able to move over sea with boats, hence the Psilocybe Cubensis did that too. Yet there doesn´t seem to exist any fact pointing to the use Psilocybe Cubensis by early people. The Psilocybe Cubensis strain is a pretty sturdy mushroom and can grow in a quite large variation of climates. So it felt home in every landscape that offered tropical or sub-tropical conditions. The first colonies of this psychedelic mushrooms outside of Africa were in Asia. In Europe the winter is quite hard so the places where it can be found are limited.

The next step for Psilocybe Cubensis was to move across the ocean to the American continent. The continental plates move during thousands of years, so where we have water today, there could have been land ten thousand years earlier. So maybe people, today known as Indians, brought the Psilocybe Cubensis to America. There was a frozen passage from Asia to America, which had been used to reach the continent for the first time. But maybe it also reached it through later travelers of which we do not have documentations about their journeys.

What is Psilocybe Cubensis – The Variations

Now you know why this hallucinogenic mushroom can be found all around the globe. This happened so many years ago, that the Psilocybe Cubensis had time to adapt to its new area. Because of the adaptation to different settings, Psilocybe Cubensis variations developed in the different regions of this world. This is the reason Psilocybe Cubensis have different sizes, content of active components and different growing speeds. For example, the typical Mexican mushroom is a large mushroom with medium strength, while the Thai mushroom grows much smaller and contains more Psilocybin. So do not worry, you don´t get scammed when ordering several magic mushrooms all labeled as Psilocybe Cubensis.

Magic Truffles come in many varieties nowadays
What is Psilocybe Tampanensis - The History

Data about Psilocybe Tampanensis is very limited, it had been found in the 70s in the swampy areas of Tampa in the USA. Today we can be very happy that the man who found it collected some samples of psilocybin mushroom. Otherwise we wouldn´t have a chance to get it anymore. After this first finding, nobody had seen it again in the wilderness. There is an unconfirmed report that it was found again, but no samples had been taken, thus it can be questioned if it is true or not. Some scientists speculate if it was only a step between two points during the evolution of another psychedelic mushroom. So no matter where you buy magic truffles or where your spores come from to grow it, they all range back to the material collected in the 70s.

What is Psilocybe Tampanensis – The Variations

Yet there are no natural variations, also no real ones made through artificial growing. Of course there are various magic truffles available, but other Psilocybe specimen are able to produce them too. For example, the Psilocybe Mexicana can also create them.

The different abilities of Psilocybe Cubensis and Tampanensis

The main difference is that Psilocybe Cubensis grows the mycelia under the earth and than starts to produce the psychedelic mushrooms above the ground. What we commonly call “magic mushrooms” are therefore just the fruits of it, not the mushroom itself. You could compare it with an apple tree; you just collect the apples which contain the seeds, but not the whole tree.

The Psilocybe Tampanensis on the other hand does the same, but it is also able to form the underground “truffles”. The magic truffles are not like the mushrooms above the ground, they are very tight mycelia. The truffles are built to resist during bad conditions. When the mycelium starts to form the truffles, the mushroom is prepared to survive. The small mycelia twines could be easily destroyed by cold or dry conditions. However a hard and sturdy knot, made of extremely tight mycelia is able to resist it.

When the climate gets better again, the magic truffle starts to grow again and continues to build mycelia twines and finally form the magic mushrooms above the ground. Not every mushroom has the ability to build truffles, therefore the Psilocybe Cubensis cannot produce them, but the Tampanensis can do it.

Why is Psilocybe Tampanensis sold as truffle and not as magic mushrooms?

Every market needs new ideas and new products, just an average new magic mushroom wouldn´t be any special. So it came in quite handy to have one ready that can produce underground magic truffles. Additionally, the truffles contain somewhat more psilocybin than the mushrooms growing over the ground.

But maybe more important are the aspects of the law. Mushrooms are separated from plants and animals; therefore they were legal again for a short time in some countries like Germany. The laws listed the active components in magic mushrooms as illegal and the plants they contain them. But since mushrooms are no plants, the law was incorrect and the magic mushrooms where sold again until the law texts had been updated.

In other countries, the magic mushrooms are illegal, but they are defined by the law through the “fruits” above the ground and do not include the truffles under the ground. That way the magic mushrooms are illegal, but spores and mycelium are legal, which also includes the hard mycelium knots, known as magic truffles.

The latest example is the Netherlands; the land of milk and honey for every psychonaut. Here the fresh and dried hallucinogenic mushrooms of all kinds had been sold in Smartshops. Because of that, the government had to react. Too many travelers just came because of the legal drug use and the result is that they banned dried magic mushrooms. But like often happens with laws, it did not achieve what it was aiming for and the Smartshops started to sell fresh psilocybin mushrooms. However psychedelic mushrooms can only be stored a few days until they are not good anymore, similar to other mushrooms. This gave the magic truffles a whole new meaning since these sclerotia can be kept in the fridge for up to 3 months.

First there were mainly the Psilocybe Tampanensis sclerotia, now you can get magic truffles in the Netherlands from more than 10 different Psilocybe specimens.

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  1. Thank you for sharing and spreading awareness! I hope that this magical plant would not be abused and misused. Everything, if used properly and moderately proves to be beneficial. I hope this could be the future treatment of a lot of diseases. It has endless capabilities!